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“Have you missed me, Darcy Lewis?”

Darcy turned around so fast that her world spins around for a moment.

She knows that voice. That voice from her nightmares. That haunted her for months to the point where she became physically sick from lack of sleep. That voice that belonged to the man—erm, god—that was currently trying to enslave the earth.

He looks deadly. His face is scarred and his armor practically screamed villain. She wants more than anything to believe that this is another nightmare—another one of his tricks, but she knows it’s real. It feels real. In her nightmares—with every touch, every word, ever look—she always knew it was a dream and that everything he did to her wasn’t real.

Loki stared at her curiously and Darcy realized that she’s been gaping at him for the past thirty seconds.

She mentally shook herself. React, Darcy, react! Say something, do something! Anything!

“Uhm… dude, you can’t be here.” She blurted out. Good job, Darcy! He’s sure to leave now. She thought to herself sarcastically. “This… this isn’t my place, you know? Tony was just letting me crash here last night cause, well I was just dead tired and couldn’t make it to my apartment without passing out. Sometimes I have to work really late at S.H.E.I.L.D. They’re serious business.” She babbled on like a fool and she wanted to hit her head against the wall. He was going to kill her now. Definitely.

Loki just stared at her. There was a prolonged silence and Darcy was pretty sure that she rendered this god speechless with her awkwardness.

Realizing that he wasn’t going to respond to her, she continued talking. “So, uhm, what’re you doing here anyway?”

She wants to run and hide because of the look that suddenly shadowed his eyes. His eyes were hungry like a wolf’s on its prey. Darcy looked around the room for some sort of escape. No go. He has her trapped and they both know it.

“I have come to claim what is mine.” His tone is dark and primal as he takes a step closer to her.

Darcy wants to take a step back but her legs feel frozen. She can’t move because she’s trapped in his cold eyes. His eyes so green and terrifying.

Suddenly, he’s so close to her that his armored chest is pressed against her chest, and she has to strain her neck to look into his eyes.

Darcy wishes that she was braver. Her dad taught her better than this, he taught her how to defend herself. She wasn’t stupid though. She knew there was nothing she could do to this god even if she had her taser. She’s damn well helpless.

“I’m not really getting what you want from me. I’m not valuable at all.” She tells him seriously and tries to take a step back this time but his hand grips onto her waist and she feels like she lost all air in her lungs.

“I think you know what I want from you, Darcy Lewis. And do not sell yourself short, you are quite valuable.” He replied with a smirk.

Darcy inhaled and looked up into his possessive eyes. “I’m not yours, god of creeping.” And snarky Darcy is back! “I don’t even know you! You broke into my dreams like the creeper you are and started haunting me. You need some like serious ass therapy!” She tried to keep sounding angry even as his cool lips pressed against her exposed neck. It doesn’t feel good, Darcy. It does not feel good! You do not have Stockholm syndrome! You don’t! Get it out of your head. NOW. She’s not convincing herself very well, because damn, those lips are magic. “I’m not yours.” She says again more confidently.

Loki pulled away from her neck and gave her a mischievous smile. “Yes, you are.”

Darcy can practically feel her blood boiling. I am a woman, dammit! Not some object to be possessed!

“Look, buddy, you need to back your stalking creeper ass off. Tony’s gonna come in here any minute and he’s not gonna be happy to see you tainting his apartment with your presence.”

His grin is gleeful. “I threw Tony Stark out a window.”

He jaw drops and she’s pretty sure that her eyes are bulging out of her face. “You what?”

“Oh, do not fret, dear. I’m sure he is fine. He is much like a cockroach. He just does not die.” He told her reassuringly. Darcy didn’t feel so reassured.

It was then Tony burst into the room clad in his Ironman suit.

“See, I told you! Like a cockroach.” Loki told the still speechless Darcy.

“Get away from her… ass…hole… fuck it, I was thrown out a window, I can’t come up with good insults right now. Just get away from her!” Tony yelled ready to blast Loki into oblivion. Darcy just hoped he’d wait until she was out of the way though.

Loki leaned in very close to Darcy then. “I will return for you.” He promised with a sick smirk.

And then he disappeared just as Tony was about to take charge at him.

Tony’s mask retracted so Darcy could see his face. “What the hell just happened?”

“Uhm… I think I have a stalker.”

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