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*university voice* unfortunately… we have too much money… so we have to raise tuition so we can build a place to keep all the other money in… so sorry unavoidable

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follow me down the path of righteousness.

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achilles is that kid who takes gym class too seriously



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I know and like even tho you will miss them you don’t want them back to soon becuase more injuries but you are also like I need you come back to me haha

Yeah… I just want none of them to get hurt ever but then they wouldn’t be the wrestlers I love if they weren’t going what they’re doing. It just really sucks when I think of any of my faves in pain and it double sucks that I had the opportunity to see him live and he’s hurt instead :(

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We haven’t talked enough about how adorable Steen’s baby is.

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I agree Daniel was the champ BNB had JUST returned not too long ago and Roman was riding on such a push RN This is why you can’t have faves in wwe you get heartbroken if they get hurt! I will cry if we have any more injuries!

I don’t think I can handle anymore injuries. This is the worst part about being a fan of wrestling. Injuries are bound to happen and it sucks so much because you want to see these guys and gals do what they’re best at—what you love them for—and then BOOM injury, congrats, you’re not going to see them for awhile. And this BLOWS!

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IKR! I finally get to go to a show after ten years and people are getting hurt I just pray that no one else gets hurt! My heart can’t take it!

Seriously! I am on that same boat with you. And it’s happening to like WWE’s bigger talents too. Daniel was the WWE champ, BNB was the Intercontinental champ, and Roman is like on top of his game right now and everyone’s talking about him and WHY ARE THESE THINGS HAPPENING?? I SWEAR TO GOD, THERE BETTER NOT BE ANOTHER SERIOUS INJURY FOR TEN YEARS. 

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ninjasethrollins replied to your post:I am legit upset I won’t get to see Roman Reigns…

I know it’s gonna suck not seeing him!

Like, dude, a lot of my faves aren’t going to be there now because of injuries. Daniel Bryan, BNB, and now Roman Reigns. It’s just, ugh, why are bad things happening to WWE’s talent?? 

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every bad thing has happened since the shield broke up. don’t tell me it was a good thing.

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typhoidcandy says: Darliiing~! If you're still taking requests can you make me some Adrian/JoJo?? iloveyoubye
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